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Hilarie Couture
A   R   T   I   S   T
I am a soul catcher... My passion is painting people and I engage in that silent conversation that allows me to see within ones inner being and capture a certain twinkle in their eye or another personal expression that is uniquely them. I strive for the essence, the spirit of the person. I am a direct painter who loves to work from life. I know it isn't always possible to do that but I feel my work is the freshest when I do. My style is colorful, impressionistic and full of energy, not as a photograph, but my personal depiction and interpretation of the subject . I am a painter.... My work is full of emotion due to my own trials of living life. A certain passion exudes on my canvas because of all of struggles, torment, experiences of pain and happiness that I have endured. The better the connection to my subject the more of myself comes through in my work. I love painting in oil and pastel as well as charcoal and watercolor. Intrigued by color and light - I am on a lifelong quest to masterfully connect my vision and impression of how in nature the subtleties of color and temperature are constantly changing throughout all elements.  My goal is to transfer what I see and feel on to my canvas through a better understanding of how to make my paint read like light. I am also in love with the quality of paint, the ability of it to be transparent or buttery and the bravura of the intentional brush stroke in putting the marks down. I hope that you have an emotional connection with my work.. my joy is that it will speak to you in a way that you will want to remember and take it home if not physically, always in your mind.... Hilarie Couture Artist H Couture Arts
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