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Bob Fleischmann
Bob was born and raised in Tacoma, Washington.  Art and recess were  his favorite subjects in grade school.  In High School he dabbled in oil  painting but drifted away from it when he joined the US Navy (not much  room for an easel and canvasses on a nuclear submarine).    Over the years he has found other outlets for his creativity:  music (he  plays piano by ear and by note); woodworking; home building;  landscaping; model railroading.  His other hobbies are camping, fishing,  and water sports.    Bob was an electrician for Bonneville Power Administration in  Maintenance and Construction for over 30 years.  This work also gave  him an outlet for his creativity in solving problems. He retired in June of  2003.  Now retired, he has returned to his love of oil painting.  He  continues to improve his art through interacting with other artists, taking  lessons from professional artists, and by developing his own personal  style.
Every painting has a spot that I fall in love with..                 R.Fleischmann