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Carol Sandor
To My Gallery Sampling
I was not born and raised any particular place. My life started as a product of the Second World War and I will always be nostalgic when I hear music of the parade ground as both my parents were U.S. Marines. My first memory is of standing in a pinafore under the grey skies and on the cold sand beach in Bremerton, Washington and then there is a fast forward to meeting my father when I was a child and he appeared out of somewhere called Korea. Like a lot of military dependants, home was wherever we happened to be and friends were whomever appeared at the time. Surroundings were wherever we found ourselves outdoors and scenes were those outside of the car windows as we went from the West Coast to the Great Lakes and old military bases on the Atlantic and then back to the expanse of Camp Pendleton where I was fortunate enough to be tutored in advanced math by the principal of the base elementary school. Best of luck was being allowed to flourish as what used to be called a Tomboy where the world consisted of trees and water and leaves and all the sounds and sights of the outside world. I came to the Northwest to paint landscapes but there was a life in between the echo of that cold sandy beach and setting up my easel as an adult painter on the shores of the Columbia River. That life began with those math lessons and progressed to college at the age of fifteen. I began drawing then, landscapes and old farms and birds and plants and later on the techniques of watercolor and Chinese painting, and studying art history. There was a space that contained sailing and fishing and mountaineering and then science and a medical practice and finally formal art school towards the end of my working career. I have found wonderful teachers of different artistic persuasions and have travelled to many different countries. My preferred medium is oil on cotton or linen canvas and my favorite subjects are still life arrangements and landscapes of the Pacific Northwest.