Membership Information and PDF Download Page The Northwest Oil Painters Guild (NOPG) was founded in August 2002.   We meet monthly in Vancouver, WA.   We are a group of oil painters who share a passion for improving our abilities  with this historic medium.   One of our primary purposes is to support and encourage our member  artists.  Our group of artists cover a broad range of styles, techniques and genres; a diversity  from which we all benefit.   We also have a growing group within NOPG who are attracted to Plein-air painting, or painting outdoors.   With the beauty of the Pacific Northwest at our door step, many of us feel compelled to  experience natureís colors firsthand.  To be an artist is to be on a continuous journey of exploration.  Having opportunities to learn more about oil painting methods and techniques is essential.  Having opportunities to show your work to oneís peers and the public is also deemed essential.  NOPG works to accomplish these objectives.   NOPG was also formed to bring oil painters to the attention of the general public.   Exposure to the public is vital to the artist.  It affords the feedback that many  artists seek to gauge the acceptance of their work.   NOPG sponsors annual shows and participates in other regional shows to garner our members the attention they deserve.  We are dedicated to the appreciation and understanding of all the arts.  We believe the NOPG will have a small part in creating an awareness of both  established and new artists in our region.    Our group meets on the third Tuesday of every month.  Directions may be obtained by logging on to our official website, and clicking on the Monthly Meeting Notice link.  Our meetings consist of discussions of whatís going on in the art world in our  region, artist of the month presentations, live painting demonstrations,  guest speakers, and artist critiques "Show and Tell" segments.    Active Membership in NOPG is open to oil and acrylic (opaque technique) painters only.  Induction into the NOPG is by  jury process, composed of both a select group of members from the Board and the General Membership.  Our dues are $35.00 per year. Our Billing is sent each January. Members arriving on July or will be given half credit during our normal billing cycle.  An application with specifics may be obtained by calling or contacting the NOPG   Secretary/Membership Chair  listed below.  For more information, contact: NOPG Goals and Objectives in PDF Format E-mail our Membership Chair Person Made with Xara An Artist spends a great deal of time doing nothing but looking, both around him and inside him. (Pierre Bonnard) Monthly Meetings Presidentís Msg About Us Member Galleries Exhibitions NOPG Officers Northwest Oil Painters Guild in the Great State of Washington, USA O P G New Member Categories/Dues in PDF Format New Member Info in PDF Format New Member Application in PDF Format