The Genealogy Society Center 717 Grand Blvd. Vancouver WA 98661 (Grand Ave between Evergreen and Mill Plain)  The “Show and Tell” portion of our meeting will start promptly at 6:30pm.  So be there early with your two pieces (max. number) of artworks.   We will try to finish by 7pm and have a short general meeting thereafter. The feature for the evening; Bernadette Murphy will rewrite the history of Vincent Van Gogh from the point of view of many world wide experts. Did Vincent really cut off his ear or did he just remove his part of his earlobe? Bernadette’s lifetime investigation ends with conclusive evidence.  Did people cover up what for what really happened that night of December 23rd, 1888? You be the judge!! Copyright 2010 NW Oil Painters Guild NOPG Monthly Meeting - Tuesday, Sept. 19th.  Show and Tell 6:30, General Meeting at 7:00pm